What We’re Watching This Weekend: Reese Witherspoon on “Saturday Night Live”

And more of the same, not that we’re complaining when “the same” is basketball and “Game of Thrones.”

Because being outside is overrated:

What We’re Watching Today

The NBA playoffs are still happening, of course, so we’re catching the Cavs vs. the Bulls at 8, followed by the Rockets vs. the Clippers at 10:30.  

What We’re Watching on Saturday

Hot Pursuit” star Reese Witherspoon is hosting “Saturday Night Live” with Florence and the Machine, and based on the promos she ran with Aidy Bryant, she’s itching to go on the lam again (NBC, 11:30 EST).

What We’re Watching on Sunday

After last week’s straight bloodbath on “Game of Thrones,” we’ll be tuning in to see who survived the carnage. And for more carnage, obviously (HBO, 9 EST).

Photos by NBC