What We’re Watching This Weekend: A Talking Bear

From a talking bear to a true icon, we’re feeling soulful this weekend. 

Maxim readers, get ready for a soul ride. 

What We’re Watching Today

Ted is back and as possibly lackluster as ever. Still, there’s got to be some laughs buried in this abomination, right? Right? Here’s hoping. 

What We’re Watching on Saturday

After delving into true depravity with a stuffed bear, bring back meaning to your life by streaming the brand new Nina Simone documentary, “What Happened, Miss Simone?,” now streaming on Netflix.

What We’re Watching on Sunday

There’s a one-word answer for what we’re watching on Sundays for the next few months and that answer is, all caps, BALLERS. Our weekly installment of money, power, and The Rock will keep us entertained through the dog days of summer. More like the dawg days of summer, amiright?