What We’re Watching This Weekend: Trainwreck and Ant-Man Are Both Worth Your Time

Plus the usual HBO Sunday night lineup.

What We’re Watching Today

Sandwiched between the big Marvel blockbusters of the summer—Avengers: Age of Ultron and Fantastic FourAnt-Man is their best use of their comedic prowess yet. It’s true: size doesn’t matter. 

What We’re Watching on Saturday

After you’ve gotten warmed up with Ant-Man, head back to theaters for Trainwreck, the brash romant-ish romp written by and starring Amy Schumer (and directed by Judd Apatow). And when you’re done, read our recap of what Schumer got right and wrong about working at a men’s magazine. Yes, we know it’s just a movie, but humor us.

What We’re Watching on Sunday

HBO Sunday nights are the perfect way to end your weekend, even if True Detective Season 2 and Ballers aren’t living up to your expectations. There’s always Last Week Tonight at 11 PM, which got exactly what it deserved yesterday—Emmy nominations.