What We’re Watching This Weekend: We’re Giving True Detective Season 2 a Second Chance

Also fireworks, because, duh, America.

What We’re Watching Today

Seeing as how you probably have the day off, you should probably GO OUTSIDE. But, there’s also a ton of baseball on so, take your pick

What We’re Watching on Saturday

It’s the fourth of July, goddammit. We’re cracking open a cold one, grilling all day, and watching the fireworks at night. USA! USA! 

What We’re Watching on Sunday

Okay, to be fair, when we first started watching True Detective this season, we just weren’t that into it. But after last week’s cliffhanger, we suppose we’ll give it another go. Don’t let us down, Pizzolatto (HBO, 9 EST). 

Photos by Photo: Lacey Terrell / HBO