What We’re Watching This Weekend

It’s a hot tub and a time machine?! Whodathunk we’d get two movies out of that premise. Also: NBA part two and the Oscars.


The original Hot Tub Time Machine was a fun spin on the formulaic ’80s teen comedy—the spin being that the teens were actually depressed 30-somethings, plus a time machine. Still, considering the flimsy premise, the film still packed a ton of fun, thanks to Rob Corddry and Craig Robinson. It’s a good thing they’re back for the sequel (John Cusack declined). There aren’t many cinema options this weekend, so we’re going to take another dip in this hot tub (that is still a time machine).


Basketball’s back! After a weeklong hiatus, the race for playoff position officially begins. With the trade deadline now behind us, we can really evaluate who’s going to be making a run right to the finals. Our pick for the day is 

Pelicans vs. Heat

, which you can find on League Pass. The Pelicans are fighting for a difficult 8


 seed in the West, which just became a bit more attainable with the Suns shipping off disgruntled star Goran Dragic. Unfortunately for the Pelicans, they traded him to the Miami Heat, who all of a sudden have become a very dangerous playoff opponent for any Eastern Conference teams with championship aspirations. Between Chris Bosh, Hassan Whiteside, and now Dragic, the Heat could pull off a serious upset and maybe even go deep into the playoffs even without LeBron. And oh yeah, they still have Dwayne Wade, who seems to be able to turn back the clock at will (perhaps he has his own hot tub time machine).


Sunday night is 

the Academy Awards

, and we’ll be watching that, of course, but for counter programming for those uninterested in overlong, self-congratulatory award shows, may we suggest tuning into

 Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

? Now in its second season, the show has officially taken the crown from 

The Daily Show

 for the best political satire/commentary out there. Oliver’s deep dives on arcane and insane issues have even given birth to a new form of journalism — investigative comedy.