What We’re Watching This Weekend:7 Days in Hell Is More Fun Than It Sounds

Tennis never looked so extreme.

What We’re Watching Today

Strangerland, the creepy indie film starring Nicole Kidman, is worth checking out for the unsettling story, and solidified by Kidman’s excellent acting. It’s released tonight in limited cities. 

What We’re Watching on Saturday

Mockumentaries, man. We can’t get enough of them. In 7 Days in Hell, Andy Samberg and Kit Harrington play rival tennis players going head-to-head for a seven day match. (HBO, 10 PM). Check out the teaser below, first, and tell us that Samberg’s hairstyle in this couldn’t get you to watch anything.

What We’re Watching on Sunday

True Detective followed by Ballers, as usual. We love the whole “watch something terribly dark then get cheered up by the Rock” thing that HBO has going these Sundays.  (HBO, 9 and 10 EST).