What’s In Maxim’s Coffee Mug: Northeast Whiskeys

Oak barrels migrate north of Kentucky, and good things happen.

We here at Maxim live in New York City, and therefore need to drink a lot to dull the pain of paying $3,000 a month to live in apartments roughly the size of an overhead airplane compartment. Our desperate quest for happiness has us uncorking and unscrewing many a bottle, some familiar, and some fresh, and nothing gets us giddier than the discovery a delicious, new, and exciting heavy bevvy. Here, then, are a few Northeast distilled whiskeys that have warmed our bellies and our souls during the Polar Vortex. Think globally, booze locally, we always say. Cheers!

Westchester Wheat Whiskey

WHAT IT IS: Whiskey made entirely from organic New York State wheat. Wondering why there’s a little honeycomb on the label? We thought you might be, you inquisitive little minx. The honeycomb design is a nod to StillTheOne distiller Ed Tiedge’s expertise at distilling vodka and other spirits from honey. Thanks for the buzz, bees!

WHAT IT TASTES LIKE: Soft and slightly sweet, thanks to the wheat. You’ll pick up notes of vanilla and honey, and, yum yum, there’s a nice caramel finish. Despite being 90-proof, this is a great whiskey for folks not looking to burn a hole in their chest; it’s easy drinking after a hard day of work (or in our case, after a hard day of just sitting there playing computer solitaire).

WHERE TO BUY: $34 a bottle at drinkupny.com

287Single Malt Whiskey

WHAT IT IS: You’ve chased a shot of whiskey with a beer; limited edition 287 single malt whiskey takes that to the next level. Named after the highway that connects the StillTheOne Distillery and the Captain Lawrence Brewery in Westchester, New York, the whiskey is distilled from Freshchester Pale Ale and matured in new oak barrels. Ninety-proof, for those keeping score.

WHAT IT TASTES LIKE: Nothing you’ve tasted before. Imagine a powerful whiskey with a signature pale ale finish. At first sip you’ll be like, what is this? At second sip you’ll be like, huh, that’s pretty damn good. At third sip you’ll be like, yo bro, don’t be stingy, fill me back up!

WHERE TO BUY: $50 a bottle at drinkupny.com

UprisingSingle Malt Whiskey

WHAT IT IS: Crafted in Rhode Island, Uprising may come from a tiny state, but it is big on flavor. This is 80-proof American single malt whiskey, made from a base of dark barleys typically used in stout beers. You might want to duck, because Uprising sure packs a punch.

WHAT IT TASTES LIKE: This one ain’t for amateurs. This complex whiskey hits the mouth with an almost tequila-like taste, but then mellows out with a coffee and mocha finish. Crafted by Sons of Liberty Spirits Co., the bottle reads “Welcome to the Revolution.” Well, thanks for having us, guys!

WHERE TO BUY: Check solspirits.comfor local sellers

Battle CrySingle Malt Whiskey

WHAT IT IS: A single-malt whiskey born from Belgium-style beer. Rye malt and honey malt are added to the mix to give Battle Cry its signature spicy attack.

WHAT IT TASTES LIKE: Spice lovers will be crying out for more Battle Cry. Notes of black licorice and dark fruit explode in your mouth like a cannonball. With a name like Battle Cry, you can almost imagine the brown stuff gliding over your tongue like Revolutionary soldiers running across a field screaming, “Freedom!” This 80-proof warrior is not for the faint of heart or tongue.

WHERE TO BUY: Check solspirits.com for local sellers