Wheaties Is Making Beer Now Because Beer Is the True Breakfast of Champions

It’s always five o’clock somewhere, right? 

Wheaties, a very good and famous cereal, has wheat in it. Know what else has wheat in it? Beer. So it was only a matter of time before the two met.

According to a post on General Mills blog, Wheaties will be partnering with Fulton, a brewery in Minneapolis, to make a craft beer called HefeWheaties. The limited-edition brew will be a Hefeweizen—a German style of wheat beer—and sold starting August 26th in 4-packs of tallboy cans. Sadly, they won’t be available for purchase or shipment outside of the Minneapolis area, so if you’re a real Wheaties fanatic, it’s time for you to book a plane ticket to the Twin Cities. (Or just start drinking at breakfast. Win-win!)

This does seem to be part of a trend of brand and brewery collaborations: In recent months, both Ben & Jerry’s and Lululemon have announced their own custom beers.

The beer itself won’t actually have Wheaties in it, but to remedy that, we totally suggest swapping out the milk in your cereal with beer.