“Wheel of Fortune” Contestant Solves Seemingly Unsolvable Puzzle on First Try

Pat Sajak can’t even with this guy.


On a recent episode of Wheel of Fortune – a show generally watched only by grandmas and invalids – one contestant’s unlikely ability to solve a puzzle with very few clues scored him $45K in prize money and 15 minutes of Internet fame.

Emil had only two letters on the board and the not-at-all vague category designation of “Thing.” He had 10 seconds to solve the puzzle. “New baby buggy?” he said right off the bat, stunning the audience, Pat Sajak, Vanna White, and a team of Maxim editors who couldn’t solve a seven-letter Hangman puzzle to save their lives.

Why Emil’s go-to guess would be “New baby buggy” defies all reason. Because, what is a new baby buggy, anyway? And is it even that much different from an old baby buggy? These are questions we may never know the answer to. But one thing’s for sure: We hope it’s a miniature old-timey horse and carriage for toddlers, because that would be great.