When Benches Clear But There’s No Brawl

Baseball “brawls” don’t need punches to be fun. This weekend provided proof.

Dozens of men in tight polyester pants got angry with each other yesterday. They pushed, they yelled, they pointed in an intimidating fashion and they did it while thousands cheered them on. This is what happens nowadays when benches clear in Major League Baseball games, and here’s an unpopular opinion: It’s better than when punches are thrown.

No one wants to see someone get hurt on a baseball field. At least no one who doesn’t breathe out of their mouth. But showing intense emotions on the baseball field? Sticking up for their teammates by shoving their opponents? Throwing their arms out in a “come at me bro” gesture? Those are all good and fun and proper. Just ask a fan of the Pirates, Reds, Blue Jays or Royals, the four teams caught up in modern day version of a “brawl.” They’ll tell you that watching their teams get angsty is always a thrill.

Look, baseball isn’t hockey. No one should be throwing haymakers out there. But August baseball can get a sleepy and a little jolt of adrenaline is never a bad thing. That’s what we got yesterday and that’s what we’ll relive today with these GIFs. 

Look at these guys, pushing each other around like a bunch of 15 year olds at a Hoobastank concert. That’s entertainment.