When to Watch the “Simpsons” Marathon

With FXX showing every episode, fans of the ultimate American sitcom just need to decide when to watch. The answer: Tomorrow morning.

If you haven’t already noticed that FXX is currently airing the complete run of The Simpsons 278 hours of “D’ohs” and “Ay Carambas” – to celebrate the show’s 25th anniversary, you should check your internet connection then send us a letter explaining how you saw this article. The Simpsons are suddenly everywhere and everyone is just a little bit happier about it than they thought they would be. We all missed episodes; we all forgot great gags; a lot of our parents thought Bart was a bad influence. That’s all to say that you should tune in, but don’t be indiscriminate in your viewing. In order to maximize your laughs-per-minute, you’ll want to tune in during the best block of episodes. That block starts tomorrow at 9:00 AM EST and runs through 12:30 PM EST. Yes, that’s inconvenient if you’re in Miami, but it’s NBD if you’re in L.A. 

Here’s the reason for the timing: In the latter part of The Simpsons’ eleventh season, the roster of writers included voice-of-Homer Dan Castellaneta, comedy wunderkind Dana Gould, and John Swartzwelder, who penned more episodes than any other writer. The highly referential show was clicking and – this is the important part – because it was 2001, the references haven’t aged that poorly. These episodes sit at the intersection of vintage and excellent.

Here’s what you’ll get:

8/26 9 AM EST “SaddlesoreGalactica”

Photo Courtesy of Fox

With a storyline about horse-racing that gets downright insane, this episode is a perfect demonstration of how far the show was once willing to push a joke. Also, Clinton jokes still play. Everything old is new again.

8/26 930 AM EST “Alone Again, Natura-Diddily”

Even with a slight somber undertone (due to the sudden death of Maude Flanders), it’s tough trying not to crack up at the footage of Maggie’s birth that Homer neglected to cut from newly single Ned’s dating video. 

8/26 10 AM EST “Missionary: Impossible”

No other series can get away with combining Teletubbies, Betty White (who guest stars), and life on “Microasia” in one plot. Still, this bizarre take-down of proselytizing is arguably the season’s best episode.

8/26 1030 AM EST “Pygmoelian”

Photo Courtesy of Fox

Leave it to The Simpsons to teach us a life lesson about identity: Moe’s successful acting career after surgery seems unrewarding in contrast with his buffoonish life and the friendship he has with patrons who frequently visit Moe’s Tavern.

8/26 11 AM EST “Bart to the Future”

Photo Courtesy of Fox

While “Lisa’s Wedding” was met with much more positive reviews, “Bart to the Future” provides an equally satisfying glimpse into the lives of Springfield’s finest 30 years down the line (and proves that the Simpsons do, in fact, age).

8/26 1130 AM EST “Days of Wine and D’oh’ses”

When everyone’s favorite drunk Barney tries to get sober by replacing his beers with cappuccinos, all caffeinated hell breaks loose. 

8/26 12 PM EST “Kill the Alligator and Run”

Photo Courtesy of Fox

Regarded by connoisseurs as one of the worst episodes in The Simpsons history, the chaotic half-hour hoedown leaves us wishing we could “whittle at a tenth grade level.” Is it a bit of a mess? Absolutely, but to fully appreciate the hits you’ve got to admire the misses.

8/26 1230 PM EST “Last Tap Dance in Springfield”

Photo Courtesy of Fox

Lisa’s need for success leads her down an unexpected alley, but she can’t quite maintain control of her dancing shoes.