Which Iconic Chevy Chase Comedy Role Is Jason Sudeikis Taking Over?

Spoiler: It’s not anyone from Cops And Robbersons.

It’s been a big couple of weeks for fans of classic ’80s comedies. First, the cast of Airplane! was reunited for an ad. Then, just last night, it was reported that former SNL star Jason Sudeikis (and fiance of the uberhot Olivia Wilde) is in talks to star in Fletch Won, a reboot of the Chevy Chase-starring franchise. To us, Sudeikis is a natural fit to step into the role of slick journalist I. M. Fletcher. Not only does he share the Chase’s dry delivery, he’s also a former college basketball player…and we all know how much Fletch loves his Lakers. Consider us psyched!

Photos by (L) Everett Collection & (R) Photographed for Maxim by Taghi Naderzad