Who Are These People: The Post-Fight Mob

Ever wonder who crowds the canvas after a prizefight? Us, too! Behold, the pugilistic posse between Madison Square Garden’s ropes after heavyweight champ Samuel Peter beat up Jameel McCline.

1. Jimmy Lennon Jr., Ring announcer

This tuxedo-clad leprechaun’s signature line, “It’s Showtime!,” serves as a shout-out to the cable channel that employs him.  Alas, it ain’t no “Let’s get ready to rumble,” now, is it?

2. Samuel Peter, WBC interim heavyweight champion
Dubbed “the Nigerian Nightmare,” Peter is one of the most devastating punchers in the division. Plus, he kind of looks like the Thing from Fantastic Four.

3. Ivaylo Gotzev, Peter’s manager
The ambitious Bulgarian runs the careers of Peter and former WBO heavyweight champ Serguei Lyakhovich. The 38-year-old vows Peter will be the undisputed champion.

4. John Cirillo, Duva Boxing publicist
PR guys like Cirillo are as important to prizefights as skanky ring card girls. They help promoters hype the fight, get credentials for the press, and  often sport awesome mustaches.

5. Mike Ortega, referee
Peter/McCline was Ortega’s 23rd world championship fight. His most notable was Rocky Balboa star Antonio Tarver’s 2003 light-heavyweight  victory over Montell Griffin.

6. Jim Gray, Showtime reporter
Deadpan interviewer  who quizzed a rabid Mike Tyson after he chomped Evander Holyfield’s ear in 1997. In 2000 Tyson told Gray that he wanted to eat Lennox Lewis’ children.

7. Jameel McCline, challenger
This unlucky palooka has had four title shots—against Chris Byrd, Wladimir Klitschko, Nikolay Valuev, and Peter—and lost them all, though he came close to a Peter KO.

8. Dino Duva, co-promoter
The son of legendary trainer-manager Lou Duva and president of Duva Boxing. Last year Don King bought 50 percent of Dino’s company, ensuring his strangle­hold on the sport.

9. Don King, promoter
Electric-haired hypemaster has counted Muhammad Ali, Larry Holmes, Holyfield, and Tyson among his stable. Despite his shady rep, King’s net worth is  said to top $100 million.

10. Cornelius Boza Edwards, Peter’s cut man
A former junior lightweight champion, this Ugandan-born face-stitcher is no stranger to blood. He memorably battered Raf­ael Limon in 1981 to win the title.