Who’s That Behind the Kevin Spacey Mask at the Florida Panthers Game?

Surprise: It’s Kevin Spacey!


Kevin Spacey, grade-A thespian, just gave the performance of his career—as himself.

The Academy Award-winner turned up to the Florida Panthers game against the Detroit Red Wings donning a mask of his own face. It was all part of a light-hearted inside joke between the Panthers and their fans.

The team recently made it an informal tradition to bestow the MVP of each game with a blue sweatshirt silk-screened with Spacey’s face. Saturday night, the Panthers took the joke a step further and made the theme of the night’s game “Spacey in Space.” Fans were given Spacey sweatshirts and cutout masks.

A good sport about it all, Spacey made a pit stop to the BB&T Center and showed everyone that the mind behind President Underwood can take a joke. The House of Cards star appeared to be letting loose more than anyone there, dancing around and teasing cameras by hiding behind the mask. See his antics below:

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“I’ve become their sort of good luck charm, and I’m pleased they’ve been doing incredibly well,” Spacey recently told The Today Show. “I am a Spacey in space, and I’m very excited for them.”

Despite his presence, the Florida Panthers ultimately had a bad night. They lost to Detroit 5-3. Maybe they can get Underwood to restore their victorious legacy—by whatever means necessary.

h/t Entertainment Weekly