Who The F@#k Are the Saturdays?

These five British bombshells are about to invade America’s earholes. We surrender!

These five British bombshells are about to invade America’s earholes. We surrender!

So…who are they?

A quintet of young hotties who have been pummeling the U.K. for five years with infectious hits (note: there is no known cure). They have yet to break the U.S. market, but that should change as they storm our shores with the debut of the E! reality show Chasing the Saturdays. “It’s about us trying to crack America, all day, every day,” says Vanessa White, the youngest band member. “You really get to know us and our personalities.” Also? Their drinking habits. These ladies like to party!

Why should you care?

Well, for starters, they’re all super­hot and moved to Los Angeles together, so you know the odds of a sexy pillow fight are solidly in your favor. And if you like super-dancy pop tracks, they will keep your head bopping and toes tapping. (What your other body parts do is your business.)

Who’s who?

“I think because of the Spice Girls, people want to label us,” says Mollie King, the band’s blonde beauty, who helps set the record straight: “Vanessa is the party girl, Rochelle is the big sister, Frankie’s the biggest flirt you’ll ever meet, and Una is the feisty, passionate one.”

Do you have a shot with them?

Unfortunately, four of the five members are currently spoken for, but Mollie’s single and has a thing for Yanks. “I love American guys!” she says. “For one thing, they’re very good-looking. British guys tend to be reserved. I like how Americans don’t hold back. So, yeah, I love the American guys. I need to meet one!” Gentlemen, the challenge has been issued. Do your nation proud!

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