Who Isn’t Performing at The Grammys?

The list is pretty short.

Well, actually, Taylor Swift did announce yesterday that she’d be attending the Grammys, but sitting out a performance – simultaneously shattering the hearts of tweens everywhere. Still, February 8’s lineup looks especially strong.

What We’re Most Excited to See

Rihanna, Kanye West, and Paul McCartney will give a debut live performance of “FourFiveSeconds.” We’ve been watching the video on repeat since it dropped yesterday, so it’ll be great to see them in action.

West will also be hitting us with a never-before-seen solo act that will, at the very least, be memorable. On the country side, critically adored Brandy Clark will be joining legend Dwight Yoakam on stage. Oh, and LL Cool J is hosting. 

What Could Either Be Amazing Or Terrible

Herbie Hancock, John Mayer, and Questlove are performing with Ed Sheeran. We’re not sure if this was deliberate or if someone just drew names out of a hat. 

What We Hope to See

If everything was right with the world, Ariana Grande would be carried onstage by AC/DC, Madonna would be wearing Pharrell’s hat, Beck and Chris Martin would make each other cry during their duet, and Kanye West would interrupt himself. We live in a time of wonder.