Whoops, Your House Just Blew Up!

An exclusive first look at the new Red Dawn game.

An exclusive first look at the new Red Dawn game.

Hey, remember the awesome ’80s movie Red Dawn, starring Patrick Swayze, Charlie Sheen, and Jennifer Grey as teens who band together to save their Midwest town in the wake of a full-scale Soviet invasion? Of course you do, because that movie was awesome.

But you might not remember last year’s reboot of the film, which starred Chris Hemsworth and Maxim cover girl Adrianne Palicki—who we adore to the point that it makes our girlfriends (and possibly Adrianne) uncomfortable. In honor of the DVD release next week, Fox has developed a game called Red Dawn Red Risk, and we’ve got the exclusive first look.

Here’s how it works: Plug in your address, and watch as your own house (as depicted through satellite images) comes under attack, using clips and animation from the movie. You’ve got 30 seconds to build a barricade around the house in an effort to save it from the impending invasion. Explosions and quality entertainment ensue.

Take the game for a spin below—whether or not you’ve seen the movie, it’s a pretty decent way to kill some time at work.

Red Dawn is out on DVD and Blu-ray March 5th.

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