We Finally Know Why That North Korean Pop Group Fled China

It’s not why you’d think.

Last week, Maxim reported on one of the biggest news stories to rock the music industry—not the release of “Anaconda 2.0” or that Miley Cyrus sexy-baby mishap but the sudden cancellation of the Moranbong Band’s first-ever Chinese Tour.

For those of you who don’t keep up with Communist pop music, the 18-member North Korean girl group Moranbong Band was set to perform in Beijing to kick off a tour across China. However, just as the communism-loving vixens were about to perform toe-tappers like “Our Dear Leader” and “Let’s Support Our Supreme Commander with Arms,” the show was mysteriously called off. The girls were whisked away back to North Korea, and the press had a field day conjecturing why.

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Now, we know.

It was not the North Koreans who mercurially called off the performance—which might have made sense, given their increasingly batty behavior. No—the performance was nixed after Chinese censors took issue with the girls’ infectious lyrics. Namely, they didn’t like that one bit about the United States being an “ambitious wolf” or that one song glorifying the Korean War. Apparently, the Chinese did not want to anger the US.

Otherwise, we’re sure they totally dug “Sea of Apples at Foot of Chol Pass.”

The Guardian reports that the Moranbong Band is a “pet project” of Kim Jong-un, who hand-selected Pyongyang’s most beautiful singers to promote the Hermit Kingdom‘s culture at home and abroad. Many contend they are the Communist answer to South Korean pop music, which has made waves across Asia with splashy girl groups like Girls’ Generation and “Gangnam Style”singer PSY. It was suspected that Moranbong Band was sent to China as a peace offering.

Below, watch these girls perform their best hits (not against their will or anything). It’s kind of like the Spice Girls except they’re all terrified. 


h/t The Guardian