Widmer Brothers’ Hopside Down

Let’s get back to business. The business of beer.

Brand: Widmer Brothers’ Hopside Down India Pale Lager

We’re in the thick of summer and we need something thick to drink. The Widmer Brothers’ Hopside Down IPL, which is in the Rotator IPA series, is cold-fermented, crisp, and mega hoppy… almost to the point of meatiness. 

(Like this meaty puppy!)

It’s a nice, welcome change from all the lighter beers and cocktails we’ve been downing in the extreme heat, and it’s full of manly flavors that come from Alchemy and Cascade hops. Plus, with an ABV of 6.7%, it’ll make you feel good quickly. 

Yay to beer! And yay to the Widmer Brothers!

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