Wild Turkey’s Malena

Happy National Bourbon Day!

Happy National Bourbon Day!

Brand: Wild Turkey 101 

We’re celebrating our favorite B-word today (and all weekend-long) by drowning our Fridays in Wild Turkey, imbibed straight and in the cocktail. The aptly named Wild Turkey 101 is 101 Proof and 101% amazing. With notes of vanilla, caramel, honey, brown sugar, and all things nice (tobacco!), it’s amazingly dynamic.

Penny Arcade

You can enjoy it in all kinds of ways, such as neat…


Rocky (on the rocks)… 


Or in a delicious cocktail!



Dushan Zaric, Employees Only and Macao Trading Co.

1 oz. Campari®

1 oz. Wild Turkey® 101 Rye Whiskey

¾ oz. Ruby Port

5 drops of Orange Blossom Water

2 dashes of Orange Bitters

Stir all ingredients, except orange blossom water, in a mixing glass, briefly. Add 5 drops orange blossom water over ice in rocks glass. Strain liquid in mixing glass into rocks glass. Garnish with ground cinnamon and an orange half-wheel.

Happy holiday!

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