Will Ferrell Returns to SNL to Announce a New Bush Campaign for President

Watch his surprise announcement. 

Can we just admit that this election cycle is a dud? With Hillary campaigning on “YAS!” and a reality television star leading the GOP pack, we sometimes wish we could hop in a time machine to the good old days—when our president was a man you could have a beer with, not a man who would buy out the bar and turn it into luxury condos.

But all hope is not lost! Saturday Night Live breathed new life into the 2016 Presidential Election. Inviting Will Ferrell to revive his spot-on George Bush impersonation, SNL enlightened us as to why a third Bush term is just what the American people need (Regardless of how you feel about his first two go-arounds).

With that idiosyncratic squint and tendency to add the letter R to the end of words, Dubya rails against his opponents, particularly on their anti-immigration stances. Naturally, his love of Tex-Mex food was his biggest argument.

Watch below:

With a final jab against his bro Jeb for being too experienced, George ended the address on a slam-dunk: “Running a government is kind of like driving a school bus. You don’t want a crazy person driving that bus; you want a simple, underachieving, not very educated but reliable guy behind that wheel.”

We’ll see you in the White House.