Watch Will Ferrell and Tracy Morgan’s Hilarious ‘Big Brother’ Parody on ‘SNL’

“Como se dice, ‘What the hell?'”

Will Ferrell Tracy Morgna SNL Promo
Stills: YouTube/Saturday Night Live

As host of the Jan. 27th broadcast, Will Ferrell reminded us of why he’s one of Saturday Night Live’s greatest vets

Along with regular cast members Kyle Mooney and Beck Bennett, the comedy stalwart perfectly parodied the overblown social interactions featured on hit reality TV shows like Big Brother. 

Don’t blink, or you’ll miss SNL alum Tracy Morgan’s brief-but-perfect cameo. 

All in all, the long-running sketch comedy show had a great time skewering ridiculous reality TV cliches. Another highlight was “Reality Stars,” in which Ferrell and Cecily Strong played a pair of obnoxious C-list celebrities who came to a friendly reunion bearing fen-phen-laced wine and terrible attitudes. 

Aziz Ansari’s alleged transgressions also made it into a sketch as a taboo topic of an awkward dinner table conversation. This was a pretty good portrait of how so many social interactions are exercises in walking on eggshells these days. 

Good luck next Saturday’s host, Natalie Portman. Will Ferrell is always a tough act to follow.