Will Smith Says There Will ‘Definitely’ Be A ‘Bad Boys 3’

A hug with Martin Lawrence sealed the deal.

If Will Smith says it is so, then it is so: A third Bad Boys movie is “definitely” happening, said the Concussion star in a recent BBC Radio interview. 

The original Bad Boys movie premiered back in 1995, followed by Bad Boys 2 in 2003.  But Smith (and Sony) haven’t forgotten about the franchise. As Smith is a sensitive bro, an embrace with Bad Boys co-star Martin Lawrence settled it once and for all. 

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“I saw Martin a few weeks ago,” Smith told BBC Radio. “I haven’t seen him in about two years. We looked at each other. We hugged. In that moment, we knew we were making another Bad Boys. We’re definitely doing another one.”

Martin and Smith will reprise their odd couple team of narcotics cops for the next installment, but it looks like Michael Bay, who directed the first two, may not be returning. 

Last year, Deadline reported that Joe Carnahan (The Grey, The A-Team) was in talks to direct.  Bad Boys 3 is currently scheduled for a February 2017 release.