Will Smith Wants to Play Batman. Here’s How That Could Actually Happen

Batfleck, meet the Bat Prince of Bel Air.


Could Will Smith end up donning the batsuit in a future Batman movie? It’s not as unlikely as you might think.

Speaking to MTV News at the network’s annual Movie Awards on Sunday, the Suicide Squad actor floated an unusual proposition: that his character Deadshot could sub in for Bruce Wayne as Gotham’s premiere vigilante. 

“I’m a team player. I’m a team player … If they need me in a suit, I’m in it,” he told MTV News’ Josh Horowitz.  “[Ben Affleck] can do it a couple, can do it for two or three, and then he gets injured and Deadshot can take over. For me it’s the logical progression.”

There’s actually a precedent for this, and Smith knows it: he cited a storyline from 1950’s Batman #59, which featured the first appearance of Deadshot as a temporary substitute for the Dark Knight in the “The Man Who Replaced Batman” storyline.

A page from Batman #59 (1950)

Could we potentially see Affleck’s Batman sidelined in a future installment of the new franchise? It’s certainly possible: Wayne’s given up the batsuit several times over his long crime-fighting career, most memorable to Jean-Paul Valley after Bane breaks his back in the legendary Knightfall storyline.

But based on the action-packed Suicide Squad trailers alone, we’d definitely want to see Smith take up the mantle of Batman. We just hope he doesn’t drink and drive the Batmobile.

h/t Uproxxx