Listen to Will Smith’s First Song in Ten Years

Which is not actually a Will Smith song. 

When I think of Will Smith the first thing I think of is The Prince of Bel-Air. The second thing I think of is how I spent years singing “party in the street with the heaters on” when his song “Welcome to Miami” was big many moons ago, only to later learn that those were not in any way close to being the actual lyrics. “Party in the city where the heat is on” makes way more sense. Miami is hot. Why would they need heaters?

 Since his last release (2005’s Lost and Found) he immersed himself in acting, releasing nine major films in the wake of his last musical endeavor. But now he’s back on the mic to “get jiggy with it.” (Had to.)

For the first time in ten years, we have some new music from Smith, BUT it’s not actually a Will Smith song, per se. Turns out he’s such a big fan of Colombian group Bomba Estéreo that he dusted off his vocal chords to contribute a few bars to the remix of their song “Fiesta.” Have a listen:

Photos by Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage