Will Snoop Dogg Narrate a Whole Season of ‘Planet Earth?’

Dear God, we hope so.

Move over David Attenborough: There’s a chance you might be replaced by a Dogg.

Following the runaway success of his hilarious reoccurring stint on Jimmy Kimmel Live! as host of the fictitious Plizzanet Earth, fans are adamant that rapper and successful entrepreneur Snoop Dogg actually take over the narration duties for a whole season of the eye-opening BBC series, Planet Earth.

The petition, started by a Lincoln, NE resident (who either loves the planet or really loves weed, we’re not sure), has already surpassed 50,000 supporters, with less than 25,000 to go to reach its goal. 

It’s obviously unlikely that Snoop’s legions of fans will actually get a response from the BBC, but it’s definitely a campaign we can get behind. It’s not like we’re saying the nature documentary series is bad or anything. It’s just sometimes, you wouldn’t mind watching otters and crocodiles go at it while Snoop Dogg accompanies the action with a quick rendition of ‘We Dem Boyz.’

Nature is a crazy thing, and with the King of Chronic guiding us through the depths of our Earth, you can bet your ass earth science is going to become our new favorite subject.

Want to help make it happen? Sign the petition here