Will turn tricks for World Series tix!

Catching up with the Phillies’ fornicating fanatic.

Last year, 43-year-old Susan Finkelstein posted the following Craigslist ad:


Diehard Phillies fan—gorgeous tall buxom blonde—in desperate need of two World Series tickets. Price negotiable—I’m the creative type! Maybe we can help each other!

There was one interested ticket holder whom she met up with, but rather than tickets, the undercover cop gave her handcuffs. A year later we talk to Susan about her slide into infamy.

Did you really offer sex for World Series tickets?

I thought, I’ll use my feminine wiles and get a good deal on tickets. That was it. I was arrested after talking about sexual fantasies. I didn’t know that was illegal.

The cop claimed you flashed him. True?

That was an outright lie. I was wearing a jean skirt, which was too tight for me to spread my legs,

so he couldn’t have seen anything.

But didn’t you send the officer topless photos?

Yes, but there’s nothing illegal about that, and they were at his request. I sent him a face shot,

and he said, “I want something more. These are World Fucking Series tickets.” Can you say “entrapment”?

You have a sex blog (Rounding 3rd With Susan Finkelstein), and you wrestled a Tiger Woods mistress in a “celebrity” match. So its not all bad, right?

There has been a lot of heartache.

You were ultimately found guilty of attempted prostitution.

That charge is under appeal. There is an element of humor in it. Attempted prostitution implies failure. It takes a pretty dumb woman to try prostitution and not be able to do it. It’s embarrassing having “attempted prostitute” follow my name.

Great Moments in Ticket Mastering

Asses for Passes 

A Madison, Wisconsin DJ asked listeners to send in nude photos in 2009 in exchange for concert tickets. Tyler Kruze said the best picture would net Sean Kingston tickets. Kruze was forced to apologize. Not sure if it was for the nude photo request or because he was offering Kingston tickets.

Smackfest for Tickets

New York’s Hot 97 held a contest in 2005 where women would compete for concert tix by slapping one another across the face. Then governor Eliot Spitzer, who knows how to treat a lady, fined the station $240,000.