Win in Style With Maxim’s 2014 NCAA March Madness Bracket

Or lose in style – we won’t judge you. Harshly.

(Click for large, printable PDF)

We’ve already shown you how to win your March Madness bracket; now you just have to go out and do it. And what better style in which to do it than with a Maxim bracket? Whether you play it safe and go with the top seeds to the end, or you’re choosing Wofford to go all the way, this is the bracket for you. And after the tournament, at least you’ll have this printout to comfort you and tell you that whatever stupid thing you chose was right, and definitely not stupid.

Just don’t blame us when Janet from accounting, who hasn’t watched a basketball game in her life, wins the pot for the third consecutive year. That lady is unstoppable. 

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