Wine Made with Feces is a Real Thing

And you thought your boxed wine tasted like shit.

And you thought your boxed wine tasted like shit.

Photo via Rocket News 24

Time for a lesson in international wine culture, folks. There is such a thing as feces wine, or Tsongsul, defined as a “traditional Korean beverage made from soaking human feces and medicinal herbs in soju alcohol for three to four months until it ferments.”

Terriffic. We can’t wait to not try it. But we’re more than happy to share this account, which comes courtesy of website Rocket News 24.

The site recently ran a story with the headline “We Trick Five Beautiful Girls Into Drinking Feces Wine,” and that’s pretty much an accurate description of what they did: Invite five perfectly lovely ladies (who happen to be models and members of the all-girl Japanese air band, Doppelganger) to a blind taste test for what had been described as a strong Korean herbal wine.

After the girls had done the deed and provided sufficiently cringe-inducing feedback—”This is really good, and easy to drink. I think this could be a hit with girls” and “This would be great for girls who like sweet alcoholic beverages. I’d drink this again!”—they were informed that what they were actually drinking was, in essence, fermented shit juice.

The exchange went like this:

RN24 Reporter: Actually, this is made from human poop.

Momoko: Eh? Wh…what? P-poop? Like, poop?

RN24: Korean poop, to be specific.

Oda: Wait. Human poop?

RN24: That’s correct. It also has cat bones in it. It’s made by fermenting those ingredients for about 2 months.

Girls: …..

RN24: But it’s good, right?


Sure, tricking these girls was probably immoral and possibly criminal. But it’s also definitely hilarious.

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