Winner of The Week: North West

Life might not be so simple for the young West/Kardashian, but at least she’s living it up before the inevitable therapy sessions.

In a week where the weather couldn’t make up its mind, Spring Break reached fever pitch, and the NCAA got off to a truly insane start, there was one pint-sized celebrity we could all learn from. In the video below, North West reminds us that the best way to get through uncertain times is just to hang on for dear life and try to enjoy the ride.

In our inaugural edition, our #WinnerOfTheWeek is North West, a young girl raised by two very eccentric parents. At the moment, they seem very much in love, which is nice, but seeing as how North West is only a few years away from her own show on E!, things will certainly begin to spiral out of control. At the very least, we should cherish these moments of daring innocence, where North West seems like an actual kid, and less a biological product of two powerful cultural entities. Keep winning, North West. #Swish