Winner of the Week: Steph Curry

The NBA’s new king has his first ring.

In the Golden State locker room on Tuesday night, there was jubilation. After a strange, exhilarating, and ultimately lopsided final, the Warriors were NBA champions, and the champagne was flowing freely. While Klay Thompson shouted out for more liquor, Steph Curry was all smiles, getting drenched in champagne before making his way to the podium for his press conference.

The championship is the culmination of Steph Curry’s transformation from a possible draft bust to most valuable player in the league. Let’s look at some of his season highlights:

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—   He made all of the Los Angeles Clippers look stupid.

—   He hit 77 three-pointers in a row during practice.

—   He released a clothing line with Express.

—   He passed the ball in a way that defied physics.

—   He won the MVP award.

—   He had the most adorable daughter ever give the greatest presser ever.

Steph Curry had a great year, but this week he became a true winner. THE WINNER OF THE WEEK. 

Photos by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images