Winner Of The Week: Wookies

Our furry friends from Kashyyyk made a triumphant return to centerstage.

Who doesn’t love a wookie? The 7-foot Bigfoot-esque heroes from the Star Wars universe are the winners of the week, if only because it means we can stop remembering that this guy ever existed.

First, Chewbacca made an outstanding appearance parodying the opening of “Louie”:

Then Chewbacca caused a thousand happy tears to flood when he reentered the Millennium Falcon with Harrison Ford in the new Star Wars trailer:

So many feelings. Of all the “Star Wars” characters, everyone realized how much we really missed Chewie.

And that makes him (and all other wookies) the winner of the week. Now let’s all get our Chewbacca impersonations ready for beach season! Wookies love to hang ten.

Photos by Lucasfilms/Everett Collection