Wisconsin Will Beat Duke

Experts are saying it’s too close to call, but we know that the Badgers will reign supreme.

After calling Wisconsin’s big win over Kentucky on Saturday night, we’re feeling a little confident about our incredible skills of foresight. We mean, it’s not like we’re always right – but hey, who’s keeping track?  We’re pretty much always right. So you’re going to have to trust us (and bet your entire life’s savings on it) when we say Wisconsin will beat Duke this evening.

Wisconsin (like we predicted) dispatched a previously undefeated Kentucky team on Saturday night. By beating the best team in the nation, the crown is Wisconsin’s for the taking. Duke, in many ways, resembles the Kentucky team that the Badgers defeated. Led by a young phenom (Jahlil Okafor), Duke is a defensively minded team that has a tremendous level of athleticism. Still, they’re prone to moments of complete disarray, like when they fell behind Michigan State early (before trouncing them). That being said, Michigan State is far worse than Wisconsin, and if Wisconsin gets out ahead by a lot, you better believe that Duke will have a tough time getting back into the game. Wisconsin’s seniority has bred a mental toughness that has carried over from last year’s Final Four. They won’t get easily spooked on the massive stage. 

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The game will most likely come down to the final moments, an area both of these teams excel in. While Duke has a number of sharpshooters who can sink Wisconsin, expect the experience of Frank Kaminsky to carry his team Wisconsin to its first title since 1941. And friends don’t let friends root for Duke – so, go Badgers.

Photos by Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports