Wiz Khalifa Issued Citation For Public Whizzing

That’s one way to live up to your name.

The “Black and Yellow” rapper has been caught making yellow in public.

Pittsburgh police cited Wiz Khalifa for taking a piss behind The Flats bar Saturday night at 2:30 a.m, reported Page Six. The Pittsburgh native was in town to perform at the University of Pittsburgh’s Midnight Madness Friday season kickoff and—who knows?—maybe he fell into some old habits while back on home turf. (We’re just guessing at the back story to his nickname, we don’t know—maybe he attended Hogwarts at some point, too.)

We give it up to Wiz for courageously living up to his handle, but someone should’ve let him know that public whizzing is illegal in every state. Also, “making it rain” won’t hold up as a solid legal defense. And his birth name is Cameron, so he’s got that going against him too.

Representatives for Mr. Khalifa have yet to release a statement about the incident.

Photos by Getty Images