Wiz Khalifa’s Weed-Themed Cover of Adele’s ‘Hello’ Is Better Than the Original

OK, this is pretty damn good.

Hello from the other side (of that blunt). Wiz Khalifa paid a visit to LA’s Power 106 and laid down a solid rap over Adele’s hit single that just about every single stoner can appreciate and mumble slowly between a few bong hits.

Following a challenge to write to any beat given to him, Power 106’s host queued up the backbeats of ‘Hello’ for Wiz to see if the wordsmith could get the job done. Ultimately dubbing the new track “Hella Os”(which could refer to smoke rings, fat ounces, or what happened after I watched the new Suicide Squad trailer) the rapper spits off lyrics that not only make sense, but would make even the most novice pothead raise a joint in the air for good measure: “Roll one up, and let’s get high/I am trying to get fried.”

That’s as deep as deep gets.