Watch These Guys Play Jedi vs. Wizard With a ‘Lightsaber’ and Actual Fireballs

It looks like stupid fun till you realize the Jedi could catch fire.

In “Wizard vs Jedi 2” (Yes, there’s a first “Wizard vs Jedi” and it’s here) the epic battle is pretty basic: a “Jedi” uses the Force—and his fake lightsaber—to battle a guy in wizard’s robes slinging actual flaming balls. 

The Madcap Brothers have been making videos like this for years. All their work tends to feature fire, knives and just about any dangerous thing you might have seen on an episode of Jackass in its prime.

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In this video the jedi throws away any of the martial arts style you might expect from a Star Wars movie and wildly flings his lightsaber in increasingly desperate attempts to deflect his opponent’s—the wizard’s—fireballs. The wizard manages to hit his mark at least once before our hero ferociously strikes back, thoroughly whacking one of the Roman candles in his enemy’s direction.

The universe wasn’t saved and no one was set on fire in the process, so we’re calling it more of a draw than a win. 

h/t Popular Science