Give It Up for the Woman Getting Her Ass Eaten in the Middle of a Crowded Music Festival

And for the man doing said ass-eating. Really, applause all around.

I’m not religious. But when I first heard about this story, I shed a single tear, looked up into the sky, and whispered “thank you.” Gather round, dear readers, so I may share with you the tale that made me thankful to be a writer — no, thankful to be a human — today.

Last week at TomorrowWorld, the EDM-festival-turned-muddy-hellscape, a woman was photographed receiving a rimjob from a man in the middle of a crowd. Much like the fossilized couple found frozen in an eternal embrace, they’ve been immortalized in a photograph: the young gentleman clad in a North Face jacket and kneeling down with his face glued between a woman’s asscheeks, his fair maid bent over slightly, only identifiable by her glowstick necklace. Oh l’amour! ( or scroll all the way down for the very, very NSFW photo.)

Are these festivalgoers longtime lovers and exhibitionists? Did they plan this via Craigslist casual encounters? (Me: Buttplay enthusiast. You: Willing to eat it up in front of dozens of people to the tune of UNZ UNZ UNZ.) Or did they lock eyes when the bass dropped, her gaze beckoning him to come hither and eat her booty? The world may never know the motivations that caused such public ass-eating to go down without a care in the world (cough Molly cough).

But I do know this much: It is a sight to behold. 

h/t Vice

Photos by Marcus Ingram / Getty Images