Woman Records Terrifying Real-Life Pennywise Creeping Around Her House With a Video Doorbell


Since Stephen King’s IT is in theaters now and receiving mostly stellar reviews, it’s official: the creepy clown season is upon us, just as police feared.

A woman in Wisconsin recently had firsthand experience with a creepy neighborhood wandering clown. Fortunately—or maybe unfortunately for those who suffer from coulrophobia (unusual fear of clowns)—her video doorbell captured the visit

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The video would be a little more bone-chilling if there wasn’t a chance it’s a covert ad for the Ring doorbell—and if there had been no previous reports of the same clown in the area.

The Daily Mail reported that the “figure in the clip filmed by the Ring Video Doorbell is thought to be ‘Gags’ the Green Bay Clown.” 

Gags has been seen in Green Bay off and on for more than a year. He’s reportedly part of a filmmaker’s stunt, so who knows—this new Ring video may just be an attempt to boost Ring sales and gin up viral attention pivoting off IT’s status as a certified hit.

Even if we set aside “Gags” as a stunt, there are already people donning clown masks to mess with the public in the UK and US. 

One way or another, we’re stuck with all kinds of creepy clowning till Halloween, at least.