‘Wonder Woman’ Could Be One of the Top 10 Grossing Superhero Flicks of All Time, Gal Gadot Got Paid Shockingly Little

C’mon, Hollywood.


Wonder Woman is already the biggest hit of the summer, raking in $275 million domestically and $572 million worldwide in just three weeks.

What’s more, Gal Gadot and her golden lasso may break superhero records. Comic blog Capeless Crusader has forecasted its domestic earnings to be $374.5 million at the 10-week mark, which situates it squarely in the 10 highest grossing superhero flicks of all time.

Wonder Woman saw a scant 43.3% second-weekend drop, which is the lowest of any superhero flick since 2010. If its box office success continues apace, it will rank as the ninth highest-grossing flick in US box office history, knocking Spider-Man 2 down to 10th place.

That said, Capeless Crusader expects Wonder Woman to screen in cinemas for longer than just 10 weeks. If give a 14-week run, the film could earn a total of $380 million domestically, which would put it in eighth place.

The numbers are undeniably good. But the film’s star, Gal Gadot, may not see a fair share of the profits.

Gadot earned a shockingly low $300,000 for her starring turn in Wonder Woman. Although she certainly isn’t going hungry, the news is a bit of an outrage given that Henry Cavill took home $14 million for playing Superman in 2013’s markedly less successful Man of Steel

$300,000 is the rate she agreed to when she first signed onto three movies with Warner Bros, the other two being Batman v Superman and the forthcoming Justice League. Still, it speaks to the appreciable gender pay gap in Hollywood,

We just hope Gadot’s Wonder Woman bonuses are good. Now a bonafide superstar, she’ll certainly have some more bargaining power when negotiating her take-home for the sequels.