Gal Gadot Is as Sexy as She Is Fierce in This New 'Wonder Woman' Trailer

This looks freakin' awesome.
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We were already totally sold on Gal Gadot’s portrayal of a sword-wielding princess warrior when we saw the last trailer for Wonder Woman, but this 60-second ad that aired during Monday's episode of Gotham has us convinced that it's a must-see. 

Wonder Woman Promo

Comedic dialogue and a hard-rocking tune playing in the background serve as further evidence that Warner Bros. has added a certain amount of levity in between the action. And of course, Gadot looks amazing as an ass-kicking superhero. 

Here's the full-length trailer they dropped back in March, in case you missed it: 

Hopefully the formula will prove to be a winner, but we'll find out for sure when Wonder Woman hits theaters June 2. 

h/t: Gizmodo 

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