Watch the Most Hilariously Epic YouTube Review of ‘Wonder Woman’ You’ll Ever See

This is almost as good as the movie…


The warm and fuzzy buzz surrounding the new Wonder Woman movie is even bigger than the blockbuster itself. The Guardian called it a “masterpiece of subversive feminism,” Gal Gadot’s hairless armpits ignited outrage in far-left section of the Internet, and the film raked in more than $200 million its first weekend—making the biggest opening for a movie directed by a woman.

Its release is undeniably a cultural watershed moment for comic book blockbusters. Expectedly, some of the reviews coming out are downright bonkers in their enthusiasm for the flick. 

Take this video review from comedian Josh Pray, for example. He had such a great time watching Wonder Woman, he gave it a 10/10 and admitted, “I’m six-foot flat, 240 pounds. I like being a man; I like doing things men do. But I can’t even lie to you: for like 89 percent of the movie, I wanted to be Wonder Woman!”

He even piled on the praise for star Gal Gadot: “Gal Gadat gat my heart. Gal gat it going on!”

He also dug the rest of the women in the movie, namely the Amazonian women of the island Themyscira: “I’m not trying to be sexist, but everyone on the island was fine! Everybody!”

“They have black women; they have white women; they have thick women; they have skinny women; they have women with strong jaws; they have women with soft faces; they have women that look like little butterflies—schmetterlinge in German.”

and Silent Bob Strike Back director Kevin Smith also loved it. In a lengthy video review, he praised the glorious Gadot and, also, the women of Themyscira. 

On top of all this high praise, the DC-spawned flick now stands at a towering 93 percent approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, just 1 percent behind that of The Dark Knight, the best-reviewed superhero movie of all time.