The ‘Wonder Woman’ Sequel Just Got a Release Date, And It’s Way Sooner Than You’d Think

We can’t get enough Gal Gadot.

(Photo: Warner Bros.)

On the tails of their box office success, the creators of Wonder Woman are striking while the iron is hot.

The sequel, tentatively titled Wonder Woman 2, just got an official release date, and it is sooner than you might think: December 13, 2019.

It should be to no surprise that Warner Bros. has put a sequel on the fast track: Wonder Woman has thus far earned a colossal $670.68 million worldwide. 

(Photo: Warner Bros.)

Variety previously announced director Patty Jenkins and DC Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns had already made headway on a script.

“Patty and I are writing the treatment right now,” Johns said in an interview. “The goal is to make another great Wonder Woman film.”

So that adorable young fan Gal Gadot comforted at Comic-Con has no reason to cry.

Jenkins previously said that the next Wonder Woman would be set in the United States rather than Europe. A Warner Bros. head also said the film would also take place in the past, but not during World War I. 

A sequel to the Justice League, which will also feature Israeli actress Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, will likely also be released in 2019.

Warner Bros. offered a sneak peak of Justice League 2 at Comic-Con, which put Diana of Themyscira front and center.