“Workaholics” is Back!

Our favorite stoner telemarketers return for an expectedly hilarious fourth season.

Our three favorite stoner telemarketers return tomorrow night for an expectedly hilarious fourth season.

The Workaholics guys are ready to rock your TV, with their fourth season premiering tomorrow night on Comedy Central. After the show raked in an average of 2 million viewers during its summer run, the network renewed it for an additional two seasons. With all that success, it’s clear that Blake, Adam, and Anders are anything but the doped-up losers desperately trying to escape desk-jobs that they play on TV; they’re more like doped-up comedic geniuses. While it’s hard to pinpoint what to expect from the unpredictable trio, we can only hope they hit on some hillbillies, dish out some insults, and continue teaching the world valuable life lessons like the ones below.

How to go about getting a raise!

What to do with your STD test!

How to deal with meeting God!

What to do when you’ve run out of things to smoke!

How to fake your own death!

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