Working for the Redskins Seems Terrible

Two players fought each other in practice as their season continues its descent into madness. 

Imagine being surrounded by angry, concussed men, overseen by a man whose own virulent racism and tone-deafness has made you the scorn of the sporting world. That’s what it’s like to wake up as a player on the Washington Redskins, a team currently parked on the bottom of the standings with no hope in sight. It’s enough to drive a man to violence, which is exactly what happened this morning in practice when cornerback BashaudBreeland and receiver Andre Roberts stopped scrimmaging and began tearing into one another. Haymakers followed. Maybe they were trying to mercifully end each others’ seasons. Probably not.

With the team abandoning its star quarterback (who from all accounts, has gone off the deep end), its owner perpetually making the exact wrong move, and a coach who has no idea what he’s doing, the Washington Redskins franchis is officially the most repugnant employer in America. And that’s disregarding that you have to play every day with a horrible slur on your jersey. Can it get any darker? 

Update: Andre Roberts has expressed his closeness to Bashaud Breeland after their fight this morning. It’s amazing that someone on this team is capable of actual contrition. 

Photos by Ezra Shaw / Getty Images