Someone Is Building a Working Version of Pokémon Red in Minecraft

As if Minecraft didn’t have enough stuff for you to do already. 

How much do you love Minecraft? Do you love it enough to spend hours and hours of your live within the confines of its blocky little world to recreate a complete, separate game inside Minecraft itself? Redditor Magib1 does, and that’s why he’s been working on creating a functional version of the Game Boy title Pokémon Red in-game.

He’s essentially created a port of the game that’s meant to run via Game Boy Color. He explains how the game is operated in Minecraft as such, and it sounds totally ridiculous and painstakingly done:

“When the player clicks, a reader armor stand moves and clones the row of new textures behind the display. Display armor stands then detect the block type and stick the corresponding texture on their head before moving. The player model is just swapping between a static walking and standing texture.”

Complicated? It totally is, but it’s also super impressive. It’s been a labor of love for Magib1 for the last two months, and he estimates three or four more months before the project is totally completed. It’s totally insane, but you could be playing it in early 2016. Or, you know, you could just play it on a real Game Boy. But that wouldn’t be very meta.