Watch These Two Maniacs Eat the Hottest Pepper In the World

“Holy f*ck.”

You might remember Danish chili pepper enthusiast Chili Klaus as the sadist person who fed the Danish National Chamber Orchestra some of the world’s hottest peppers in the middle of Tango Jalousie back in 2014. Now, First We Feast host Sean Evans and Klaus decided to eat the world’s hottest pepper — and they recorded it for our viewing pleasure. 

“It’s very, very tasteful. And it’s fruity!” Klaus says of the California Reaper, the pepper that holds the 2013 Guinness World Record for being the hottest in the world. Genetically engineered by mad scientist Ed Currie, the California Reaper is a pepper so diabolical, it measures over 1.5 million on the Scoville Heat Unit Scale. Tasteful and fruity, my ass.

Ready to die, Evans and Klaus down the peppers as quickly as possible. After a few seconds, Klaus, again, comments on how tasty the pepper is, but Evans gives absolutely no shits because his mouth has entered the inner circle of hell.

They try to talk about the pepper through fiery burps and hiccups, until Klaus finally loses his cool and starts twitching and snapping his fingers. “This is very hot. I think it’s a little bit more hot than my Scandinavian customs,” he says, tears streaming down his face. “BUT IT’S VERY TASTEFUL, TOO.”

It’s good to see that Klaus still thinks so highly of the “very tasteful” California Reaper, even though it probably destroyed his colon. We salute you, gentleman: Your insides died for our amusement.