World Loses Mind Over AJ McCarron’s Model Girlfriend

Not that it isn’t justified.

Not that it isn’t justified.

Alabama RB Eddie Lacy ran for 140 yards and got in the end zone twice in Alabama’s slaughter of Notre Dame in the National Championship game last night, but it was someone else who took home the MVP. Katherine Webb, Southern Belle and Alabama QB AJ McCarron’s ladyfriend, captured the spotlight in a game that was about as interesting as John Clayton’s DVR. Much has already been made of the fact that the former Miss Alabama graduated from Auburn, Alabama’s hated rival (“It’s like Romeo and Juliet if there were absolutely no stakes at all!”) but commentator Brent Musburger took it to a whole other (read: creepy) level.

Whoa, pump the brakes there, Brent. It’s only a two-score game at this point. Roll up your tongue like a cartoon character and get back to calling the game. Musburger – who recently celebrated his 138th birthday – was just admiring however, which is more than we can say for Cardinals’ DE Darnell Dockett, who tried to take some action.

Wingstop? Now that’s a classy first date. And King of Diamonds? That’s a strip club – even classier.

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