The World Series’ Foulest Balls

A look back at America’s favorite pastime: doing stupid things in and around baseball stadiums.


Brooklyn Dodgers vs. Cleveland Indians

Hall of Fame pitcher Rube Marquard was arrested before Game 4 of the World Series for scalping six tickets for $350. He was slapped with a whopping fine of $3.80! And in case you think he got off easy, that would be $40 in today’s money.


New York Giants vs. Washington Senators

Senators left fielder Heinie Manush ended an argument with umpire Charley Moran by grabbing Moran’s elastic-band bow tie and snapping it back at the ump’s neck. Moran tossed him, but not before Manush responded, “Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk!”


Cincinnati Reds vs.New York Yankees

As it was the height of the Cold War, Pennsylvania Supreme Court justice Michael Musmanno sent a letter to Reds manager Fred Hutchinson pleading with him to change his team’s name, worried what a headline like “Reds Defeat Yanks!” might do to national morale. No worries: The Yanks beat the Commie bastards.


St. Louis Cardinals vs. Kansas City Royals

With the Cards up three games to two and leading in the ninth inning, umpire Don Denkinger botched a call at first base, allowing the Royals to come back and tie the series. Then, in Game 7, Denkinger tossed Cards’ ace Joaquin Andujar for arguing calls. Andujar, per league regulations, destroyed a clubhouse toilet in response.


Cincinnati Reds vs. Oakland A’s

What with the Nazi memorabilia, homophobia, and boozing, Reds owner Marge Schott wasn’t exactly known for her sharp mind. Before Game 2, Schott raised the bar by dedicating the game to U.S. troops in the “Middle West.” Get home safe…from Kansas, brave soldiers.


Atlanta Braves vs. Toronto Blue Jays

With America and Canada facing off for the first time in the fall classic, the U.S. Marine Corps Color Guard made a funny by carrying the Canadian flag upside down. When the series returned to Toronto, maple-syrup-swilling vendors did brisk business selling fans “upside down” versions of old glory. Pretty original, eh?


New York Yankees vs. New York Mets

Like Buffy the Vampire Slayer letting loose on a vampire batter, Yankees ace Roger Clemens hurled a jagged shard of Mike Piazza’s bat at him in a display of what was definitely not a case of ’roid rage. Because the Rocket never juiced. Are we clear on this?


New York Yankees vs. Philadelphia Phillies

In a rousing show of home-team love, The Philadelphia Inquirer ran a full-page ad screaming, “Congratulations, Phillies! Back-to-Back Champs.” Problem was, the Phils lost. Inquirer staffers apparently missed “climax control” condom day at Citizens Bank Park.