The World’s Most Expensive Steak Is Aged For Up To 15 Years

This $3,200 slab of meat isn’t merely aged, it’s “hibernated.”


The connoisseurs of all things overpriced at Robb Report have tracked down the world’s most expensive steak at Parisian butcher shop Polmard Eleveur Boucher, which has gone way beyond dry-aged beef to offer “hibernated” meat. While dry-aged beef is typically matured for several weeks, “the Polmard hibernation method freezes and preserves beef for up to 15 years of aging,” the mag reports.

Robb Report

The complex method is “believed to retain the flavor, texture, and quality of the beef better than other.” The Polmard family first raises its own free-range Blonde d’Aquitaine cattle on their farm in Saint-Mihiel, France. Once butchered, cold air is blown onto the 2-lb. steaks at 47 mph in a minus-45-degree-Fahrenheit setting. The result costs a whopping $3,200 apiece. 

Robb Report

One of the best ways to experience the wildly expensive beef is to book the chef’s table at chef Fabrice Vulin’s Caprice restaurant at the Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong. For $4,000 plus $390 per person you’ll get an eight-course meal featuring the millésimé (“vintage”) Polmard rib steak. 

Of course you can always have some shipped over from Paris and grill it yourself, but take our advice and don’t slather it in A1….