Is This The World’s Most Worthwhile Kickstarter?

An autistic beer expert needs $130,000 to complete a documentary on American breweries. How can you say no?

An autistic beer expert needs $130,000 to complete a documentary on American breweries. How can you say no?

Lance Rice is a 55-year-old autistic beer expert with a photographic memory and a passion for cold, sudsy beverages that, if possible, actually eclipses even our own. Dubbed (somewhat tactlessly) by the local Cleveland media as “The Rain-Man of Beer,” Lance is a bona fide beer historian, whose lifelong dream is to complete a 1,500 mile road trip to all the country’s greatest breweries, in order to both write the definitive book on American beer, and make a documentary of the experience. The bad news is, he and his team require $130,000 to achieve this. The good news is, there’s a Kickstarter in place to help raise the money, so if you feel like helping make Lance’s trip a reality, make a donation.

The even better news is the overwhelming support that’s coming in, both from communities along the brewery trail (as you can see in the pictures below), and the breweries themselves, of whom many – including Pabst, Miller/Coors, Great Lakes, and more – are backing the project.

“We’re looking forward to meeting Lance and ‘comparing notes’ on brewery history!” says Gary Olsen, President of Minhas Craft Brewery. “He may educate us on some things about our own brewery…”

Likewise, Yuengling’s Chief Operating Officer, David A. Casinelli, is excited about the concept. “As America’s oldest brewery, it gives us great pride to participate in such an extraordinary tour,” he enthused. “It is an honor we’ll cherish and look forward to.”

Lance has already started to get autograph requests from fans (and even some celebrity encouragement), so clearly the project’s building up a head of steam (and possibly foam). We can’t wait for the day that someone asks us for an autograph based solely on our love of beer. That’d show our probation officer what’s what.

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